The geography of baseball, according to Facebook

You may recall that, about a year ago, I posted this graphic of the United Countries of Baseball.  While certainly an interesting infographic, I also knew it was a bit outdated (having been published in 2007).  Yesterday, however, I found this treasure on Deadspin: a map created by the Facebook data team depicting the geography of teams’ Facebook fans.  Check it out (click on the image for a larger view).

2 thoughts on “The geography of baseball, according to Facebook

  1. the indians and yankees are both black, but i guess it’s safe to assume that facebook people in florida, alaska, new mexico and montana are rooting for the yankees. Those damn ted turner braves and their superstation. they got 5 and half states and part of florida too. I wonder what team gets the most facebooks internationally? Probably the Yankees or maybe the Dodgers?

    1. Yeah, I wish the colors were more easily distinguishable, but I guess we can’t have it all. I imagine the Yankees must have a huge international following, considering their history and their dominance for so long. I’d be surprised it anyone else surpassed them.

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