Infographic: Baseball deconstructed

I think I could spend hours pouring over this infographic, maybe even play a whole game in my head with it!  This graphic was created by Ame Wongsa, an Interaction Designer from Austin, Texas.  It is a process flow diagram that appears to cover all the plays that can happen over the course of a game.  I ran through a few plays on my own, and it appears to be pretty accurate.  Click on the image below for a larger version of the graphic.

Baseball deconstructed

2 thoughts on “Infographic: Baseball deconstructed

  1. I’ve just spent the past couple days trying to figure out old 1920s-era box scores … they didn’t track things quite as nicely as we do today (and the box score would occasionally list the home team first on the line score or second depending on … I don’t know what … but, will of course screw everything up if you’re trying to figure out when a pitcher was pitching).

    This lovely infographic is so soothing and logical all those old box scores! 🙂

    1. Wow, I don’t know if I’d have the patience to do all that. Having a consistent system is nice. Sometimes, when I decide to keep score while watching or listening to a game, I catch myself doing something incorrectly, and I kick myself over and over for it.

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