All-Star voting ends in less than 3 hours

…so if you haven’t cast a ballot yet, make sure you log in and get it done!  (You have until 11:59 ET.)  As much as this year’s voting debacle amuses me, and it’s admittedly kinda funny to see so many Royals in the lineup, I watch those guys all the time as it is.  Vote in some other players!  Half the fun of the All-Star Game is seeing guys from all over play together for a day.

Cast your vote here.


3 thoughts on “All-Star voting ends in less than 3 hours

  1. Just voted. I used to vote early … but now I like to give everyone a few extra weeks to impress me (or, depress me) and I wait until the very last minute. You crazy Royals fans! Awww, it’s ok … the Orioles could use a few days off at the break anyway! 🙂

    1. Crazy, indeed. That occurred to me also — that by voting them all into the ASG, the Royals are losing that break. This kind of thing makes me think that fan voting ought to be taken out of the selection process.

      1. Agreed. Too much fan sentimentality in the process. Let the baseball gurus (managers, scouts, players) pick the best representatives each year. Having said that, I must also admit I voted again about an hour before the deadline, and I did put a few Royals in my starting lineup.

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