Mysterious baseball map

baseball map

I came across this map, but to be honest, I have no idea who created it nor who posted it.  I’m trying to figure out what the creator intended in making this map, because while it seems to divide the states up by their likely regional loyalties, many states have Minor League team logos showing when it does not house a Major League team.

The thing that stands most prominent, in my opinion, is that several states have no team logos on them at all.  Rather, they remain pictured white and empty, as if the residents of that state had never been exposed to the concept of baseball.  Never mind that Kansas plays host to the Wichita Wingnuts and the Kansas City T-Bones, or that Delaware is home to the Wilmington Blue Rocks.  South Dakota has the Sioux Falls Canaries.  I could go on, but if I were to attempt an exhaustive list, I would inevitably miss a team or two, so I will stop here and hope that makes the point that these supposedly empty states seem to have been unfairly treated on this map.

It’s possible that this map was merely some fan’s side project and that I am being unjustly critical.  Still, the fact that there is a noticeable blank space right in the middle of the country does make that area appear devoid, neglected, or ignorant.  It also appears that all of Canada has been designated to the Blue Jays, not just Ontario.  It ignores all the Minor League teams that various parts of the country feature.

7 thoughts on “Mysterious baseball map

  1. Interesting map. Had fun trying to figure out some of the minor league mascots. Didn’t realize the Royals had an A affiliate in Lexington. Still working on Tennessee. 🙂

    1. The only reason I recognized them as Minor League logos was because I voted the the MiLB’s best cap logo a couple months ago. Some of those logos and team names are fascinating!

  2. Having lived in North Dakota, I can attest to its baseball-lessness. Even though Bismarck once had an integrated team (one of the first solidly, officially “integrated” teams) that had Satchel Paige as its ace, there really is not much baseball to speak of nowadays. The local stations may pick up a Twins game from time to time, but really summer is spent working in the fields and counting the days until football and hockey and curling.

    Curling is wonderful, actually, but not as wonderful as baseball. Which is why, I guess, I no longer live there … and moved to a state where baseball is everywhere!

    1. I stand corrected then — North Dakota is the empty, soul-less state of the baseball world. I will attest, however, that Kansas does not belong in that category, I knew a guy who had played ball in South Dakota, and somehow, I doubt we can really put Delaware in the same category as ND.

  3. the Oklahoma picture is of the old Oklahoma (City) Red Hawks logo. They’re now gone to be replaced by the new Oklahoma City Dodgers. FYI

    1. Now that you mention it, isn’t that already their new name? I seem to recall hearing about them at some point recently, though I cannot remember what the context was.

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