Graphic: What baseball team should I root for?

Here’s a graphic that can provide a good laugh.  I only found it this morning, but it seems that it has appeared in a variety of places throughout social media.  I followed the path once, and it informed me I ought to root for the Padres.  Then, starting with the Royals and working my way backwards, the boxes about gravy and hinting about team records made me chuckle.  It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek social commentary, presented to us through a baseball lens.  (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Team meme

12 thoughts on “Graphic: What baseball team should I root for?

  1. Gee, I guess this means I don’t have to watch the first pair of innings on TV and I’ll fit right in with other Dodgers fans. Wow. Who knew?

      1. I suppose so. Some of these answers are quite comical and nonsensical. Such as the Republicans vs Democrats one or the tailgating one or virtually every other question on there… Heh.

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