Another round of jokes

It’s been quite some time, but I once posted a couple baseball jokes here.  At the time, it was something I figured I could sprinkle in from time to time, just to shake things up a little.  Evidently, though, the thought didn’t stick.  But today, I attempt to revive that intention.  Here are a couple new jokes to kick off the weekend.


A conceited new rookie was pitching his first game. He walked the first five men he faced and the manager took him out of the game. The rookie slammed his glove on the ground as he yelled, “Damn it, the jerk took me out when I had a no-hitter going.”


A small social club was trying to organize a baseball team. They could only muster eight players, but were hard put to find a ninth. In desperation, they called on a new member, an Englishman, to join their team.

During their first game, the Englishman came to bat. On the first pitch, he knocked the ball out of the park.

“Run!” his teammates cried. “For Pete’s sake, run!”

The Brit turned and stared at them icily. “I jolly well shan’t run,” he replied. “Why should I? I’m perfectly willing to buy you chaps another ball.”

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