“They Played Baseball,” The Baseball Project

The lyrics of this song has me giggling silently at my desk this morning.  At first it seems like a song bashing all the heroes of the game, but I also think it’s a reflection on the fact that all these men are human.  Yet, we love them all the same just because they participated in a game that we enjoy so much.

4 Comments on ““They Played Baseball,” The Baseball Project”

  1. I love the spirit of this song, too. And … great minds … I just used a Baseball Project song, too — to illustrate this weekend’s heartbreaking (for me, anyway) NCAA regionals in Charlottesville. 🙂

  2. wkkortas says:

    This is like Monty Pyhton’s “Philosopher’s Song”, only with a better beat.

    • I just listened to it (how have I not heard this before?). You’re right! I’m beginning to wonder what other groups have songs like this about them. U.S. Presidents? Football players? Scientists?

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