This day in baseball: First flyers

On June 8, 1934, the Cincinnati Reds became the first team in Major League history to travel by plane, as GM Larry MacPhail flew 19 of his players to Chicago to face the Cubs.  The players boarded two American Airlines Ford Tri-Motors for a three-game series, while six players opted to travel via train. MacPhail believed that the faster mode of transportation would allow for more rest between games.  The Reds won two out of three games in that series.


Larry MacPhail (Wikimedia Commons)

2 Comments on “This day in baseball: First flyers”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    i like how you provided MacPhail’s theory and then in the next sentence revealed that the Reds won 2 of 3. Nothing like a good night’s rest.

    • I sometimes stop to think about all the traveling these guys do, and I can’t imagine how I’d hold up under all that. It’s incredible that they manage to do it for 162 games.

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