“The Pitcher,” by Harry Hildebrand

I love discovering these independently written and produced baseball songs.  They have a ring of genuine appreciation for the game that you are hard-pressed to find otherwise.  You also realize that there’s a lot of undiscovered talent out there in the world.

One Comment on ““The Pitcher,” by Harry Hildebrand”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    I couldn’t tell if the lyrics were meant to be sarcastic…that talking to a 10 year old and making all those promises, but then he hurts his arm and the song becomes sad more than anything else. Makes me think of David Wright. He’s not a pitcher, but Glen sent me an article about him the other day, all the injuries he’s had to deal with. Frustrating the way life turns out for some people, but that Gehrig speech floats like a buoy in the water as a reminder that we’re all kind of lucky to be here at all.

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