June 28th, Royals vs. Cardinals

royals cards

The Royals-Cardinals series, also known as the I-70 Series thanks to the interstate that connects Kansas City and St. Louis, is generally touted as a big rivalry.  It is a showdown between the two MLB teams who call the Show-Me State home.  Ticket prices are generally pretty outrageous for this series (this year, the cheapest tickets available were $42).  As a result, I had never attended one of these games in person.  So when I was offered a free ticket to attend last night’s game between the two teams, I naturally jumped on the opportunity, expecting a high-energy and intense experience.

Boy, was I disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the game.  I have a hard time not enjoying any Royals game that I attend, and I’m always willing to cheer them on.  I felt sad that the Royals lost, but really, it was the crowd that proved so disappointing.  Admittedly, it’s hard for the average fan to stay involved in a game in which the home team isn’t doing so well.  The Royals’ struggles of late haven’t been very easy to swallow.  But when you have a crowd of almost 33,000, and it feels like none of them are paying attention to the field… well, that’s just upsetting.  The sound guys kept playing all kinds of pump up music and prompts, trying anything to get the crowd fired up, and most of it fell flat.  The Hot Dog Derby brought on more cheers than most innings.

There were a few bright spots.  The Royals rally in the sixth inning to score a couple runs did raise the energy level a bit.  And when they managed to load the bases in the bottom of the ninth, the whole stadium — those who stayed, at least — was on its feet.  The rest of the game, though, felt pretty blah.  I’m not a very loud person, but for much of the game, I was easily one of the loudest folks in our general area.

I realize that much of this post is pretty whiny, especially considering that I don’t have any solutions to offer, other than asking folks not to attend a ballgame they intend to ignore.  We live in a world where everyone is plastered to their phones, even at the ballpark, which is the whole reason stadiums are expanding their protective netting — to protect those who won’t see that foul ball coming as they focus on their next selfie.  In the last couple years, attending a Royals game for most folks has been more about showing off to others their presence there than it has been about watching the actual game.  It seems that you can either have a winning team with a crowd of bandwagon fans, or you can watch a losing team surrounded by fans who actually care about what’s going on.  You just can’t have both.

In any case, here are pictures!

george brett bat
George Brett pine tar bat
royals trophy
Managed to get that picture with the 2015 World Series trophy — I just wish it wasn’t so dang dark!
royals bullpen
I had never seen the bullpen from this perspective before, so I had to be a nerd and snap a picture.

royals cards 2

royals cards 3

royals cards 4
Game over.

10 thoughts on “June 28th, Royals vs. Cardinals

  1. You’re right, Precious — ‘fans’ paying more attention to their silly cell phones than the ball game is truly pathetic. I lived the first 55 years of my life without a cell phone and somehow lived to tell about it. I finally got a cell last year, and unless I need to use it, the phone stays off and in my pocket.

    1. I have no problem with cell phones. Obviously, I use mine to take pictures, and I’ll send the occasional text between innings. I refuse to get a smart phone, though. It’s such a distraction.

  2. Well, it’s better than the late 70s/early 80s where everyone at a ball game was getting drunk or stoned or more likely both.

  3. do they ever conduct a census at a ball game? to find out why people are there? i’m just guessing, but i figure the percentage of people who pay attention to all the little nuances and what not, the hard core fans is probably small and probably always has been. the large majority is who the marketeers cater to i would think and maybe it’s a good thing they do because that’s where the money is made…keeps baseball floating. maybe a possible remedy is AM earphones and a tranquilizer or any kind of zone in medication to zone out all the obnoxious distractions or maybe it’s just best to watch on tv? i hate to admit it, but i prefer watching on tv.

    1. I would be very curious about the results of that census. As much as the fans annoy me, I do still enjoy the atmosphere of being at the ballpark, seeing the field in person, etc. Dealing with indifferent people is just a trade-off, I suppose.

  4. I just love reading about people’s trips to games – any game – and especially seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great time anyway. Being a Baltimore fan I have a love/hate relationship with the Royals. I’m still bitter about them sweeping us in the ALCS 2 years ago but I do like some of their players especially Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas. KC is a great city (most importantly, with some awesome food!)

    1. I agree, the food is pretty great ;). It’s nice when opposing fans can still appreciate the other team. I try to do the same, even if I do give my friends hard times for being White Sox or Tigers or whatever fans. I think Royals fans for the most part are good about that. Kansas City Chiefs fans, not so much. They’re pretty brutal. It’s an interesting juxtaposition just within the same city.

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