3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. i was gonna say that Hunter Pence cried when he got traded from the Astros to the phillies. News came to him during a game at Miller Park and the tv camera gave us up close shots of Pence’s hugs and tears to teammates and the announcer told tales about him growing up in texas and really dropping anchor there, never wanting to leave and what not.

    i was gonna say all that, but then this video switched from Tom Hanks speech on no crying to calling the umpire a penus with a hat on. That was funny! who knows what managers ever scream about? i guess it could be about anything. did you ever see that footage of Weaver screaming? I think the ump was miked for a documentary. otherwise i can’t remember ever hearing the details of a fight like this, except in fiction.

    1. That video is awesome! I’m sure that says a lot about me psychologically, that I would like something like this. I don’t know what that says, exactly, and even though I’m sorta curious, I also don’t care. I just kinda love it.

      1. From the sound of fans screaming, i don’t think we’re alone in loving it. God bless Weaver for coming back three times and continuing the circus and god bless the umpire for biting weaver’s bait. I find this to be so fantastically entertaining and watch it many times throughout the year and yeh, instant replay is OK and all that. Life changes and that’s good, but, I definitely miss these long explosive encounters between mailman and dog.

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