Jokes to kick off the week

Because Monday mornings are rough, and I’m due to post a few more of these.  Enjoy!


Manager: Our new infielder cost $10 million. I call him our “Wonder Player.”
Fan: Why’s that?
Manager: Every time he plays, I wonder why I bothered to get him.


According to the Chicago Tribune, the following statistic was given in the press notes for the June 7 Chicago-Oakland game:

The Oakland Athletics are 32-0 in games in which they have scored more runs than their opponents.


Dentist: Would you help me out? I’d like you to give a few of your loudest screams.

Patient: Why, Doc? It isn’t all that bad this time.

Dentist: Well, there are about twenty people in the waiting room right now, and I don’t want to miss the five o’clock Braves game on Channel Four.

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