Infographic:What to Eat at the Ballpark

If you’re like me, you make an effort to keep an eye on your health and overall well-being.  (Well, most of the time.  I do have my eat-all-the-junk-food-in-sight days, too.)  When it comes to ballpark food, obviously, the healthiest (and cheapest) option is to not touch the stuff.  But I’ve had those days when I’ve gone straight from work to the stadium with no chance to snag a healthy, pre-game meal.  Fortunately, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was good enough to create this infographic to help us make better choices when faced with this dilemma.


5 thoughts on “Infographic:What to Eat at the Ballpark

    1. Isn’t that how it always works out? I was all excited when I saw pretzels on the good side, because that’s what I ate the last time I had ballpark food. But then I remembered I had the processed cheese with it, which I’m pretty sure bumps it over to the out list.

      1. I went to a doctor recently who told me that if I gave up rich food, wine, wild women, and spending so much time watching TV, I would live to be 95. I’m still trying to find out why I’d want to.

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