“Philadelphia Fillies,” by Del Reeves

In this 1970s song, Del Reeves manages to turn a list of Major League Baseball team names into a song about girls.  I took a moment to look up the word “filly,” which I somehow had never heard before.  It turns out that a filly is a young female horse — essentially the female version of a colt.

3 Comments on ““Philadelphia Fillies,” by Del Reeves”

  1. wkkortas says:

    If I remember correctly, the Phillies’ ball girls in the early 70’s wore hot pants, and they may have been called the Fillies.

    As an aside, dude’s wearin’ a puffy shirt. C’mon, man.

  2. verdun2 says:

    I was pretty much willing to wear whatever my wife wanted at the wedding, but drew the line at a puffy shirt.
    Cute song.

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