“Shakespearean Baseball Sonnet #98,” by Michael Ceraolo

MLB Spring Training means that the first day of spring and Opening Day are both just around the corner!  Here’s another great piece from Michael Ceraolo, published by Stanzaic Stylings, in anticipation of another season of baseball.


From you I have been absent in the spring,
Til Opening Day, dressed in all its trim,
Hath put the spirit of youth in everything.
But my love for you is hardly a whim:
I have missed the ballpark’s array of smells
And both teams’ uniforms’ array of hues;
I have missed the stories that my love tells,
A dazzling selection from which to choose;
I have missed the wonder of the ball’s white.
I have missed the wonder of the field’s green.
I wonder if the new will be a fright.
I wonder of those who will make the scene.
It seems winter still with the game away,
Until the team comes home ready to play.

7 thoughts on ““Shakespearean Baseball Sonnet #98,” by Michael Ceraolo

    1. He grips the bat, our valiant hacker
      Anticipating some belt-high heat
      But The Bard snaps off a fine yakker
      “On a 3-2 pitch? Man, that ain’t sweet.”

  1. I think I will write a poem about Opening Day in college ball … and sitting in the stands while winter winds freeze my hands and feet and the players in the dugouts are all dressed like snowboarders in the Alps poofed out in jackets to twice their size. I’m absolutely, miserably, completely frozen — on my 3rd hot chocolate — and yet, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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