Baseball 101: Bunting


bunt is a type of offensive play that involves tapping the ball into play.  The batter squares around in the batter’s box, sliding their top hand farther up the bat, and using the barrel to “catch” the pitch as it comes in.  The batter can manipulate the bunt to where the ball simply drops in front of the plate, or they can angle the bat in order to guide the bunted ball along the first or third base line.

sacrifice bunt is a sort of bunt play in which the goal is to advance a runner who is already on base.  The batter attempts to bunt in a manner that leaves the fielders no choice but to throw only the batter out, thus allowing the other runner to advance to the next base.

Some hitters, particularly those who are speedy runners, may attempt bunt for a hit.  These bunts typically come in the form of a drag bunt, in which the batter begins running in the batter’s box at the same time as they bunt, to help them get a head start in the race for first base.

Squeeze bunts are employed when there is a runner on third base.  A safety squeeze is when the runner starts towards home after he sees that the bunt has been successfully laid down.  A suicide squeeze (probably my favorite play in all of baseball) is when the runner on third takes off towards home with the pitch, and it becomes imperative that the batter lay the bunt down in order to prevent the runner being tagged out.

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