This day in baseball: Satch draws a crowd

The largest crowd ever to attend a minor league game, an audience of about 57,000, showed up on August 7, 1956 to watch 51-year-old Satchel Paige at the Orange Bowl.  Paige managed to hit a double and to earn the win, leading the Miami Marlins to victory over the Columbus Jets, 6-2.


4 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Satch draws a crowd

  1. I love everything Satchel Paige-ish … and I especially love this. Plus, it’s doubly impressive when you realize that many minor league teams play in parks that are so small that their SEASON attendance barely hits 57,000. It was, of course, Bill Veeck that came up with this “let’s have a game in the Orange Bowl” idea. We all need to dream big like him!

    But, ooops, one tiny thing … the game was in 1956, not 1951. Satchel Paige was still playing in the majors in 1951.

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