Last pitch

This will obviously never happen, but it does open up a lot of possibilities. Will Smith on the mound?  Judy Dench?  Tom Brady?

It does also raise the question: How do you know when it’s truly the last pitch?  Let’s say the score is tied in this bases-loaded scenario — the batter could hit a weak grounder, and then it’s on to extra innings.

So many possibilities.

Jesse Case

4 thoughts on “Last pitch

    1. 😆 Indeed, which is why we’ll never see it happen. Kicking around the possibilities does make for a weird and interesting way to pass a few moments on the drive to work, though.

  1. Actually, I like the idea for the All-Star Game. If you want to have Justin Bieber pitch to Trout I’m all for that–the attempts to make the All-Star Game meaningful are misguided at best, plus Trout might hit a liner right back through the box.

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