Bo Jackson’s HS base-stealing prowess

A few days ago, a friend shared this tweet with me. The tweet pretty much speaks for itself, but if you take a moment to read through the bio in the photo, it’s such a great snapshot of what an amazing athlete Bo Jackson was, even at a young age.

Bo Jackson

2 thoughts on “Bo Jackson’s HS base-stealing prowess

  1. One of a kind that Bo Jackson. I think it was Buck O’Neil who said he heard “that sound” when Bo hit the ball, the same sound as when Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson hit it. I would think it’s rarer these days for players to play multiple sports or maybe not? In any case, taking a break from one sport and exercising different muscles in the other must do the body good. On that note, I think I’ll walk faster to work this morning.

    1. That does sound like a Buck O’Neil thing to say, for sure. I have read articles directed at parents warning them against pushing their kids to specialize in a particular sport and indicating that kids should be encouraged to branch out for the sake of avoiding injury and burnout. So there definitely seems to be something to that.

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