This day in baseball history: The Flying Dutchman



On 16 March 1908, legendary Pirates shortstop Honus Wagner announced that he was going to retire (again) at the conclusion of the season.  That year, the man known as the “Flying Dutchman” led the National League in batting average, hits, total bases, doubles, triples, RBIs, and stolen bases.  He came only two home runs short of winning the Triple Crown.

Wagner did not retire at the end of the season, however, and continued to play in the MLB until 1917.  Following retirement as a player, Wagner served as a coach with the Pirates until the 1950s.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936.

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  1. I sure wish I had one of his baseball cards. Then I could say sayonara to Walley World like other people I know! 😉

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