Orientation of Major League ballparks

This is a fascinating infographic I found from 2009 showing the orientations of all Major League ballparks.  It reveals a pretty cool and interesting trend.

Source: FlipFlopFlyBall.com

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  1. steve says:

    prince fielder plays in the south pole?
    i’ll keep looking.
    this post is most unexpected and exciting.

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    This is really neat!

  3. anonymous says:

    I think this is where the term “south paw” comes from — lefties typically face south.

  4. kfine says:

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    there’s nothing i love more than a baseball infographic.

  5. […] I love this image.  It reflects the idea that, technically, a ballpark does not end with the outfield wall, but rather that the foul lines extend to infinity.  With that in mind, there is very little of America that doesn’t actually belong to a Major League Baseball field.  You’ll also notice that no Major League Baseball field in the country reaches out to the west.  It’s an observation that makes this image go well with this one. […]

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