Infographic: How Much It Costs To Propose At Every MLB Ballpark

A friend shared this with me a little while back, and it is a bit fascinating.  While I’m not sure I can really get on board with these types of public marriage proposals (too much potential for disaster, in my opinion), it seems to be a popular thing to do.  It takes planning, though, and — in some cases — deep pockets.

Huffington Post

10 thoughts on “Infographic: How Much It Costs To Propose At Every MLB Ballpark

    1. Sure would be fitting if a couple met on MLB’s, and then proposed at a ballpark. I once saw a bachelorette party going on at Kauffman Stadium, so that would have to happen too.

  1. And, here I thought Orioles fans just didn’t love each other! 🙂

    I’ve always been conflicted by this & other public proposals (the YouTube musicals, etc.) Isn’t proposing to your love supposed to be a moment of secret togetherness … without the prying eyes of 10,000 or 30,000 strangers? If the proposal has to be such a big dramatic public affair, I can only imagine how much those cats are going to spend on their weddings.

    Yay to the teams that just say “no”.

    1. Unless it is something that a couple has discussed in the past, and there is no doubt that the answer is going to be “yes,” I feel like the public proposal is incredibly risky, especially given the amount of money involved. And yeah, I can’t imagine what those weddings are like!

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