Manfred’s first day

Today is the day that Rob Manfred takes over as Major League Baseball’s first new commissioner in 23 years.  It will be interesting to see what changes might (or might not) be in store for the sport.  As part of his vision for the league, Manfred has talked about reaching out to the game’s younger fans, improving on the technology provided by Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and continuing “modernization” of the game.  This third point both intrigues and worries me, but it’s much too early to pass judgment.  About the only thing we really can say for sure right now is that today marks the beginning of a new era for baseball.

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3 thoughts on “Manfred’s first day

  1. It’s not to early to know that this guy will be no better and if possible, even worse, than the outgoing guy. The game, not to be confused with the MLB business, is in trouble.

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