“Straight Outta Kauffman,” by Center of Attention

I have to confess: after years of rooting for a losing team in a half-empty stadium, I continue to feel off-balance about this new era in Royals baseball.  Kauffman Stadium fills up nightly, I see more Royals T-shirts and jerseys walking around than I have ever seen before, and the team is even inspiring some music production.  This tune really isn’t my style, typically, and I’m pretty sure the only reason I find it catchy is because it’s about my team.  I do particularly enjoy the visuals out of the stadium in the video, though.

2 thoughts on ““Straight Outta Kauffman,” by Center of Attention

  1. I keep expecting the clock to strike midnight and for the Royals to go back to being pumpkins. But I’m also enjoying them winning and I do hope the winning continues past this season.

    1. It’s been a ride! I’m in the same boat — any moment, I expect to wake up and everything to have gone back to “normal.” But enjoying the dream while it lasts.

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