“Box Scores,” by The Baseball Project

I love the lyrics to this song.  Before the internet became big, this is exactly how I kept up with the game (aside from watching or listening to it, of course): by reading newspapers and books and whatever else I could get my hands on.

6 thoughts on ““Box Scores,” by The Baseball Project

  1. Thanks! Love starting my Sunday with some Baseball Project! They are a beautiful mash up of the Young Fresh Fellows, Dream Syndicate, Zuzu Petals, R.E.M., and (often) Josh Kantor (Fenway’s organist) … and I finally got to see them live this year and they were muy, muy awesome.

    And, hooray for box scores! I love digging them out of old newspapers — the stats and order of the teams in the box have changed over the years — but how wonderful to be able to “watch” a game that was 100-odd years ago unfold in your imagination thanks to whomever put that first box score down on a piece of paper.

    1. Supposedly Henry Chadwick invented the box score. The story is he adapted the already existing cricket scoring system to create the first box score. FYI

    1. I did a little poking around, and it doesn’t look like they have any upcoming tour dates scheduled. But I’m definitely going to keep an eye out, considering these positive reviews I’m getting!

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