This day in baseball: The sale of Ebbets Field

On October 30, 1956, the Dodgers sold Ebbets Field to a real estate developer, Marvin Kratter.  The sale of the ballpark was one of the early indications that it was nearing the end of its life, and some speculate that this move served as an early catalyst for the sale of the Dodgers to Los Angeles.  As part of the deal for the sale, club owner Walter O’Malley is given a three-year lease, with an option to stay two more years, until 1961.
Ebbets Field, 1955 (

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  1. There’s a wonderful video series called When it Was a Game. Maybe I’ve mentioned this before? Anyway, that image above sends a slide show of memories through my head, from that series, reels and reels of home made videos of Ebbets Field and many other stadiums, with wonderful narration as well, a nice compliment to the Burns Baseball documentareeees.

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