Little League player stereotypes

Here’s another humorous Little League graphic stereotyping players according to their positions.  Some of these have been uncannily accurate in my own experience, especially the one about playing with the coach’s kid.

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9 thoughts on “Little League player stereotypes

    1. When I played Little League, the coach’s son (actually, his stepson) played shortstop, I think for the same reason. It was an interesting dynamic though because they clearly hated each other. Looking back, I wonder if the coach didn’t take on the job just to make the wife happy. Playing summer softball through high school, though, our first baseman was the coach’s daughter, and I wanted nothing to do with her. I’m sure the greater reality is very different (I’ve read and heard plenty of stories that are complete opposite from what I saw), but my own little sample experience made me distrust the dad-is-my-coach dynamic.

  1. The potential of a SS knows no bounds, but seriously, this is to me one of the greatest things about baseball, all the positions and subsequent personalities. I guess we could say the same thing about football, but I wonder how many hard core fans of football can name one lineman, just one?

    1. Linemen do get the short end of the stick in football. If you’re not actually handling the ball, nobody cares who you are. In baseball, everybody gets to handle the ball, which makes for a much more even opportunity for recognition.

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