2016 Spring Training countdown

I’m sure there are several ballparks around the MLB that look similar to this right now, especially in the Northeast.  Fortunately, pre-season ball is played in much warmer climes than this.  Three weeks to Spring Training!

snowy Kauffman

Kansas City Royals

2 Comments on “2016 Spring Training countdown”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    something seems too perfect about that snow or maybe it was one of those straight storms with no wind and drifts. Anyway, it looks like a beautiful background with are those bluffs and houses back there? What a great place to live.

    • It does seem pretty perfect, doesn’t it? We’d had on and off periods of light now for several days, plus it was super cold, so it just piled up easy layers. My parents used to live about 10 minutes from that stadium. It’s a good thing I was living far away by the time I was capable to affording my own tickets, otherwise I might have blown quite a few paychecks on baseball.

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