Ted Williams hitting graph

I stumbled across this graph this morning depicting Ted Williams’s batting average in various parts of the strike zone.  I wish the numbers were bigger, but if you can make them out, it is pretty mind-blowing.  No pitch was safe anywhere near the plate.  This is how you hit .400 for a season.


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7 Comments on “Ted Williams hitting graph”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    Let me at ’em, low and outside.

  2. wkkortas says:

    I remember that I used to have one of those old Sears-Roebuck sports pamphlets (I think–well, I hope–I still have it somewhere) with batting tips from Ted that had a diagram like this as part of The Splinter explaining how to hit. He made it sound easy, but a legion of pitchers from my youth provided a constant and considerable rebuttal.

    • Steve Myers says:

      wk, did Williams really make it sound easy? I would love to read one of those pamphlets. I guess always had the wrong impression, that he made hitting sound really hard, studying the pitcher, maybe even keeping notes and being real serious about it as opposed to Mantle.

      • wkkortas says:

        Put it this way–he made it look like even someone like me could do it.

        • Steve Myers says:

          Remember when Ozzie did those flips on the baseball bunch? I never really liked Ozzie, still don’t but I was really impressed by his flips and so stupid me, I tried it once off our garage, into the snow. Now I just watch white man can’t jump for the umpteenth time.

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