Your salary vs. an MLB player’s salary

Here’s an interesting site I came across — and by interesting, I mean thought-provokingly depressing.

This site allows you to compare your salary to that of any MLB player during the 2013 season.  Not only that, but you can even break that player’s salary down per game, per at-bat, per hit, etc.  For example, in 2013, Derek Jeter earned $265,545 per at-bat.  The site further explains that at my current salary, it would take well over six years for me to earn that same amount.  It would take more than 16 years for me to earn what Alex Rodriguez earned per game.

It sure puts things in perspective.  Especially when you consider that the average U.S. firefighter’s salary is about $45,000, and the average U.S. police officer’s salary is $48,000.

Check it out here:

9 thoughts on “Your salary vs. an MLB player’s salary

  1. Wow…no wonder those parents are shelling out thousands for hitting coaches. (but still, no guarantee of a return!). 🙂

    1. No kidding! I’m sure it comes with the caveat, “If you make it to the big time, you damn well better remember who helped you get there.” It’s like dropping all that money on prep school in hopes that your kid makes it to the Ivy League — even then, there’s no guarantee.

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