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As you get older, you slow down and the infielders back up because they’ve got more time to throw you out at first. At the same time, you lose a little power, so the outfielders move in because you aren’t hitting the ball so far. When they shake hands, you’ve had it.

~Paul Waner

Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. i’d love to hear Waner say that. he’s from oklahoma. i had no idea of this until watching a video a few years ago on WGN chicago celebrating 100 years of Wrigley. In some of the old footage, Waner was quoted. Kind of strange since he was on the Pirates. I can’t remember the context, but his voice made me think of Woodie Guthrie’s voice. I have this tape of Guthrie talking about how he came to writing a song about a dust storm, something about all the people gathering round being apocalyptic christian people and them thinking this was the end when that cloud of dust came rolling in. This isn’t it, but it’s close.

    1. Wow, that does make you read the quote in a wholly different way, doesn’t it? I’m trying to imagine what it would sound like. I’m not sure I’m succeeding.

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