This day in baseball: The Bambino dominates

The Yankees won 11-8 over the Tigers on June 13, 1921 as Babe Ruth pitched the first five innings and hit two home runs at the Polo Grounds.  Ruth would not appear again as a starting pitcher for the Yankees during the 1921 season.  However, he did break his own record by hitting 59 homers for the season.

Babe Ruth
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6 thoughts on “This day in baseball: The Bambino dominates

  1. countdown. Ruth hit 14 career home runs. i love the sound of that. Sounds so normal. Ok, 14 home runs as a pitcher. Madison Bumarner has hit 13. Yovani Gallardo has hit 12. If it happens or when it happens, i hope at least schools are closed, for the kids to celebrate and what not

      1. but we’re talking real in game home runs or maybe you were being facetious when you said the Derby?

        I don’t watch it either. Kind of minimizes or cheapens the real home run.

        1. Real games, yes 🙂 It was just a chain of thoughts from homers in real games that led me to think about the whole debate as to whether Bumgarner should be permitted to participate in the Derby. Going further down that path, watching Babe Ruth the pitcher in the derby would’ve been fun. Can you imagine if Ruth had remained a pitcher through his career AND continued his success as a slugger? Not a likely scenario, but if it could’ve been, I bet the game would look very different right now.

          1. i guess they make too much money nowadays. Owners treat them like precious works of picasso. maybe if money is abolished one day, pitchers wil become movie stuntmen, play pick up basketball and home run derby.

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