6 thoughts on “Blind Umpire

  1. I guess these things happen over time. Soon there will be no payphones and will there one day be no umpires? I sure hope not. Players and managers griping over balls and strikes sometimes feels like the last spice on baseball earth.

  2. That guy was behind the plate for some of my Little League games! I personally wouldn’t mind some kind of mechanized, foolproof strike zone. The players and managers will always find something else to gripe about. And we fans can debate whether Ned Yost has any clue when to pull a pitcher. 🙂

    1. A mechanized strike zone would be awful in my opinion, just awful, to eliminate human error like that and pitchers and batters no longer having to adjust to the umpire’s day or players and fans no longer having to endure bad luck. Sounds way too perfect.

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