Happy Father’s Day!

My dad gave me my first baseball glove, taught me how to hold a bat, played catch, hit fly balls to me to practice, and attended as many of my games as he could.  To all the dads who’ve done these kinds of things for their own kids, I hope your day is wonderful!

fathers day

Blind Umpire

I have to confess, I got a chuckle out of this one.  Happy Friday!



Quote of the day

As you get older, you slow down and the infielders back up because they’ve got more time to throw you out at first. At the same time, you lose a little power, so the outfielders move in because you aren’t hitting the ball so far. When they shake hands, you’ve had it.

~Paul Waner


Wikimedia Commons

This day in baseball: The Bambino dominates

The Yankees won 11-8 over the Tigers on June 13, 1921 as Babe Ruth pitched the first five innings and hit two home runs at the Polo Grounds.  Ruth would not appear again as a starting pitcher for the Yankees during the 1921 season.  However, he did break his own record by hitting 59 homers for the season.

Babe Ruth

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Infographic, minus the graphic

I’ve posted a handful of Craig Robinson infographics here, and I found this quite clever.  An infographic without the graphic.  It’s a few years old, but still very fun to read.  And it involves quite a bit of beer.

craig robinson.png

Quote of the day

The only real happiness a ballplayer has is when he’s playing a ball game and accomplishes something he didn’t think he could do.

~Ring Lardner


Library of Congress

This day in baseball: First flyers

On June 8, 1934, the Cincinnati Reds became the first team in Major League history to travel by plane, as GM Larry MacPhail flew 19 of his players to Chicago to face the Cubs.  The players boarded two American Airlines Ford Tri-Motors for a three-game series, while six players opted to travel via train. MacPhail believed that the faster mode of transportation would allow for more rest between games.  The Reds won two out of three games in that series.


Larry MacPhail (Wikimedia Commons)

“They Played Baseball,” The Baseball Project

The lyrics of this song has me giggling silently at my desk this morning.  At first it seems like a song bashing all the heroes of the game, but I also think it’s a reflection on the fact that all these men are human.  Yet, we love them all the same just because they participated in a game that we enjoy so much.


They say you should always be sure you have control of the ball before you attempt anything else.  I think this qualifies as one of those situations.


Quote of the day

If I’d just tried for them dinky singles I could’ve batted around .600.

~Babe Ruth