This day in baseball: First night game

The first-ever night baseball game (at least, so far as we know) was played September 3, 1880 at Strawberry Hill in Massachusetts.  The game was played under lights placed on three wooden towers, standing approximately five hundred feet apart from one another, erected by the Northern Electric Light Company.  The contest took place between teams of employees from the retail competitors of Jordan Marsh and R.H. White.  The game ended in a 16-16 tie when players suddenly had to leave so that they could catch the last ferry back to Boston.


2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: First night game

  1. I had no idea the first night game was so long ago. they should have set up tents and played all night long. funny that on the very night lights are installed, the game is called anyway and for the strangest, greatest reason – to catch a ferry back home.

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