“The Babe,” by The Baseball Project

Another great song from The Baseball Project.  This tune certainly does emphasize the larger-than-life quality that Babe Ruth’s legendary status took on.  And maybe it’s just because I’m still in the process of discovering these guys, but this one seems fairly mellow and soothing compared to what they usually put out.  I enjoy it.

6 thoughts on ““The Babe,” by The Baseball Project

  1. One of my favorite Baseball Project songs. Each year during the first week of April I play this toward the end of the Yoga classes I teach … Music is a big deal in my classes, and this just slips into the playlist beautiful and seamlessly. And, my students who know me well, will smile in understanding. (They can also do Kershaw-asana and Kimbrel-asana … and several other baseball-related poses that I’ve concocted over the years!)

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