This day in baseball: Rheingold Beer

The Brooklyn-based plant for Rheingold Beer was forced to close on January 5, 1974 due to heavy financial losses. As a result, the brewery was also forced to end its position as the primary radio-TV sponsor for the New York Mets. Rheingold as a whole shut down operations in 1976, when they found themselves unable to compete with the large national breweries.


2 Comments on “This day in baseball: Rheingold Beer”

  1. wkkortas says:

    Ah, memories… I remember the Rheingold commercials with Bob Murphy pouring out a glass (and they always seemed to be all foam). The Mets’ also had Schaefer as a sponsor, and they had great commercials (These are orange tickets!….Orange is RINGSIDE!!!”) Ah, youth.

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