Quote of the day

I hate the cursed Oriole fundamentals… I’ve been doing them since 1964. I do them in my sleep. I hate spring training.

~Jim Palmer



2 Comments on “Quote of the day”

  1. I think Palmer has the same love-hate relationship with fundamentals — aka “The Oriole Way” — as he did with his manager Earl Weaver. For all his complaints about the “cursed” fundamentals, he also acknowledges in his latest book that they are the reason why the O’s were so successful back in his day, especially the starting pitchers. And, as an Orioles broadcaster, Palmer’s pretty quick to criticize any player on the team who he believes doesn’t have the fundamentals down or doesn’t take them seriously. I’m always in awe of elite athletes who can stick to the fundamentals, which I’m guessing can seem tiresome at times.

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