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We boys hailed his coming with delight because he would always join us on the lawn. I remember vividly how he ran, how long were his strides, how far his coattails stuck out behind.

~Written about Abraham Lincoln in an early childhood letter


The author of the letter unknown, but Lincoln was known to play baseball on the front lawn of the White House.  Lincoln even had a field, called the White Lot, constructed on White House property for ballgames.  This field hosted a number of games between the Potomac Club and the earliest incarnation of the Washington Nationals (both teams formed in 1859).  One more reason to love our 16th President!

Abraham Lincoln OilPainting1869Restored
Abraham Lincoln, painting by George Peter Alexander Healy in 1869 (Wikipedia)

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    1. That’s an interesting idea. On the same wavelength, it makes one wonder much more intense the rivalry would have been between Northern teams and Southern teams in that scenario.

      1. From what I hear about the civil war and all its hatred and bloodiness, if they had leagues or teams from the north and south, as you say, Ty Cobb woulda been considered tame.

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