Home run trot

Clearly, this coach needs to re-evaluate their priorities.  You just never know when you might need to break out the home run trot, especially at the Little League level.  It’s best to stay prepared at all times.  Hopefully coach is at least allowing the team to practice the bat flip?  Because nothing teaches sportsmanship like perfecting the art of showing off.

Family Circus home run trot

4 thoughts on “Home run trot

  1. Who was the first player who had a ‘home run trot” that irritated people? In my memory it seems like it was Reggie Jackson.

    1. That’s a fascinating question. Jackson was certainly notorious, but was he the first? I tried to do a quick search of this, but there’s not much to be found. Surely there was someone who loved to taunt with the HR trot in the early days, we just won’t have the video reels to prove it.

      1. Reggie is the first in my memory- I started watching baseball when I was six- in 1967. I can still see him hitting one and standing there at home plate and admiring it. There had to be someone before him I would think –

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