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  1. it’s amazing how great Pedro was during that long stretch of the late 90’s and early 2000’s….so that much more amazing in that a lot of batters were roided up and apparently, fewer pitchers were. Or were more pitchers or batters juiced? I would think it benefits more batters, but I only pitched once and i never took steroids.

    1. I read Tom Glavine’s autobiography many many years ago, and in it, he mentions there were many times when he wished he could spend more time at the gym putting on bulk (more of a vanity thing than performance), but didn’t because he felt it would negatively impact his pitching. Of course, Glavine was much more of a finesse pitcher, but it does seem that pitching wouldn’t benefit as much from steroids as batters. But, like you, I wasn’t a pitcher.

      1. Yeh,that makes sense about the extra bulk messing with pitchers more than batters, Gagne and Clemens being exceptions. Or ya gotta figure they came up with some other substance for pitchers.

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