This day in baseball: Extra innings

The longest double header in Major League history was played on 31 May 1964 at Shea Stadium.  The Giants defeated the Mets 5-3 in the first game of the day.  Pitcher Gaylord Perry then led San Francisco to another victory in the second game, pitching ten innings in relief as the Giants won 8-6 in twenty-three innings.  The second game lasted seven hours, twenty-three minutes, and the two games combined lasted nine hours, fifty-two minutes.

During the second game, the Mets turned a rare triple play in the fourteenth inning, and Gaylord Perry supposedly threw his first spitball in a Major League game.

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One thought on “This day in baseball: Extra innings

  1. 10 innings of gaylord relief. now that is not a LOOGY. i’d be interested to know the source of your information about the game being Perry’s first spit ball.
    i would love to know the lineage of how the pitch passed down to him. the knuckle ball is ridiculed, but it’s also loved in a zen master sort of way. the spit ball, on the other hand, is completely hated. thank you in advance if you remember where you first read that.

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