Why Nobody Watches the World Series

One of my favorite television political and sports commentators is Keith Olbermann, who also happens to be a baseball junkie.  A few nights ago, on his ESPN2 show “Olbermann” (original name, I know), he did a commentary on why baseball has experienced such a decline in viewership over the years.

Blunt and direct, which is what I like about Olbermann.  Still, the information he presents is rather sobering, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Why Nobody Watches the World Series

  1. he`s funny but sort of contradicting…no? he says it`s not because the games start late, but then lists all the competing shows running during the same prime time slot. i`m confused and tired from last night`s game. it didn`t finish until past midnight east coast time, but it was worth it, obstructed and all.

    1. Yeah, maybe a little. It’s true that baseball has a lot to compete with at night, so in that sense, yes, a bit contradictory. On the other hand, the reason daytime television is so blah is because most folks are at work or school — which is why night games came into existence in the first place, to draw in people after their daytime commitments are through. In my childhood experience, if any kid was caught listening to a ballgame during class, like Olbermann says he was able to do, it would’ve meant trouble for the kid. It certainly was not allowed, much less encouraged. Olbermann’s point is that baseball no longer holds the nation’s interest and attention like it used to, and a lot of it is due to the other distractions available to us.

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