Why Nobody Watches the World Series

One of my favorite television political and sports commentators is Keith Olbermann, who also happens to be a baseball junkie.  A few nights ago, on his ESPN2 show “Olbermann” (original name, I know), he did a commentary on why baseball has experienced such a decline in viewership over the years.

Blunt and direct, which is what I like about Olbermann.  Still, the information he presents is rather sobering, isn’t it?

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  1. steve says:

    he`s funny but sort of contradicting…no? he says it`s not because the games start late, but then lists all the competing shows running during the same prime time slot. i`m confused and tired from last night`s game. it didn`t finish until past midnight east coast time, but it was worth it, obstructed and all.

  2. barrypiatoff says:

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    A must-watch. Thanks to The Baseball Attic and Keith Olbermann.

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