“17-5,” by Stuart Shea

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs obliterated the St. Louis Cardinals a couple nights ago.  I didn’t watch the entirety of the game, but I did check in on it periodically on the restaurant’s television, where we indulged in tacos the other night.  Seeing the score go from 4-0 to 7-2 to 9-2 was a fairly surprising–and amusing–sight.  This morning, I found even more amusement upon the discover of this short poem by Stuart Shea on Bardball.com.


Even Cubbie achievements
Can cause Cubbie blues.
They scored 17 runs–
Did they win or lose?

Sports Illustrated

One Comment on ““17-5,” by Stuart Shea”

  1. steve says:

    What makes the score even more improbable to me is that the game was not at Wrigley Field.

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