Infographic: Most Dangerous Sports

This infographic isn’t quite baseball-specific, but I do find it interesting to see how baseball ranks among other sports in terms of the “danger factor.”  Honestly, it surprises me to see hockey rank so low on these scales, but I guess they do wear quite a bit of protective gear.  Fatality rates did not make it onto the graphic, but given the focus on safety in all sports, this should barely be an issue.  But it still piques my interest.

5 thoughts on “Infographic: Most Dangerous Sports

  1. Growing up, I played both catcher the summer and goalie in the winter. Not having a lot of money my chest protector doubled for both sports. Taking a slap-shot and a fastball in the chest. I would have to rank the baseball as more painful! There is my stats sheet. 😉

  2. I guess UFC is not considered a sport or UFC doesn’t consider a busted nose an injury. This is interesting. Based on when I played, I found basketball injuries to be border line prima donna, but that was seen through the eyes of my friend who was a hockey player. I guess one athlete’s injury is another athlete’s no big deal. Curt Shilling’s bloody sock.

    1. Good point — I don’t know how I didn’t think of MMA, but you’re absolutely right. I guess complaints about injuries definitely plays a role. Fighters expect to get busted up and don’t want to look like pansies. All a matter of perspective.

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