This day in baseball: Ripken’s 300th home run

The Iron Man, Cal Ripken, Jr., hit his 300th career home run on May 24, 1994 as the Orioles defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 13-6 at County Stadium.ย  The three-run homer came off Teddy Higuera in the third inning, producing three of Ripken’s six RBIs for the game.

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4 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Ripken’s 300th home run

  1. I never get tired remembering Ripken and that seems fitting since he didn’t get tired either. The streak of games is so unique in that he pretty much played every inning of every game. He definitely earned it, but his 300th home run was hit off an ailing Higuera. Sorry about that. My over Brewer sensitivites got the best of me. For his career, Ripken hit .196 off Higuera; 10 hits in 51 at bats with two home runs,

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