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In Game 5 of the 1988 World Series, Orel Hershiser keeps the A’s to a meager four singles.  The 5-1 victory becomes the final game of the series as the Dodgers clinch the World Championship.  The Dodgers pitcher also won Game 2 of the series and is named Most Valuable Player.

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LA Times

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  1. Maybe Oral was like Milk to the everyday rebel, but I will always remember him as someone who instilled in me that pitching was more than throwing. He always seemed to be thinking out there on the mound; thinking about what to throw next. Or maybe that was just his demeanor? and everyone eventually goes through that thinking process before every pitch?

    1. I saw him in a few games late in his career, and he’s one of those pitchers that makes me wish I had been older while he was around so that I could more fully appreciate his level of play. A time machine is a must … some day…

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