This day in baseball: Comiskey Park is born

Ground broke on February 10, 1910 for the construction of Charles Comiskey’s new “Baseball Palace of the World,” located in Chicago at the corner of 35th Street and Shields Avenue.  This palace was to be a concrete and steel stadium, built to replace the outdated South Side Park.  Originally named White Sox Park, the stadium opened on July 1, 1910 and soon became known as Comiskey Park.  The stadium was particularly spacious, with dimensions of 362 feet down each line and 420 feet to straight-away center field.  The first night game in Chicago was played at Comiskey Park on August 14, 1939.

White Sox (Comiskey) Park, 1913 (University of Maryland Digital Collections, National Trust Library Historic Postcard Collection/public domain)

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    1. I thought the same thing when I saw it: “They’re building it? It looks like a demolition site.” Not that I spend enough time around construction sites to be able to tell the difference right off.

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