“Phillies Fever”

Okay, so maybe the Phillies haven’t done so great the last few years.  And… well, okay, this song is pretty terrible.  But that does not mean that it won’t bring a little amusement to a person’s day!  Performed by Larry Bowa, Mike Schmidt, David Cash, Greg Luzinski and Garry Maddox, this 1976 song may spark a resurgence for the Phillies.

7 Comments on ““Phillies Fever””

  1. It’s so easy — some would say “cheaty” — for teams today. They just have to smile and lip sync to “Happy” or whatever the hit of the day is. Anyone can lip sync. It takes guts to actually sing on a record, especially when deep down you know you really can’t. 🙂

  2. About as bad as one could imagine…

    About as bad as these guys were good at playing baseball. Some of the best of the 1970s.

  3. steve says:

    I actually like this, but I also liked Captain and Tennille; sad but true. the beginning reminds me of that paradise by the dashboard lights song by Meatloaf; the one with Phil Rizutto and then isn’t it all 70’s with the Swat sound? Remember that show Swat? The overall funk of the song is maybe the bass in the background does enough to remind me of that band Return to Forever or maybe I should never become a music critic. Also reminds me of songs from that classic one hour basketball sitcom “The White Shadow.” God, I loved that show. I was never a Phillies fan but so many hundred or so years those fans waited till 1980 and Bake McBride-what a great name!

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