The Kansas City Symphony challenges the New York Philharmonic

I think most folks who watched the ALCS knew that there was a bit of a rivalry taking place between the Toronto and Kansas City public libraries implementing the clever arrangement of book spines.

Now that the ALCS has ended and we have moved on to the World Series, another rivalry has sprouted, this time between the Kansas City Symphony and the New York Philharmonic.  According to Director Michael Stern, if the Mets win the World Series, the Symphony will send a barbecue lunch to the Philharmonic.  Furthermore, the Symphony will play “New York, New York” at a future performance while Stern wears a Mets jersey.

However, should the Royals win the Series, Stern challenges New York conductor Alan Gilbert to don a Royals jersey and play “Everything is Up to Date in Kansas City” at his next concert.  But Stern doesn’t stop there: “[W]e expect lunch, for everyone in the orchestra, New York’s finest bagels, cream cheese and lox.”

You can find the story from the Kansas City Star here.

7 Comments on “The Kansas City Symphony challenges the New York Philharmonic”

  1. verdun2 says:

    What, no steaks?

  2. mrbill7474 says:

    What is peameal bacon and butter tarts? Maybe I should ask the folks at the K.C. Library since they’re going to be eating it. 🙂

  3. Steve Myers says:

    Great thing about baseball fans is that for the most part we don’t threaten each other or feel the need to fistacuffs down the alleyway.

    • I completely agree with this. Going to a Chiefs-Packers game in KC, as a Packers fan I discovered that I, and others wearing Packers gear, became the recipients of some heckling. I’ve never seen fans of opposing teams heckled at a Royals game (though it may just be that I’m not one of the opposing fans in that case).

      • Steve Myers says:

        There were those unfortunate events in LA between Dodger/Giant fans, but I think baseball fans are pretty peaceful. Maybe Woodstock is a silly comparison since it was a music festival where I guess everyone was rooting for the same team, but still, there was so little violence, if any at all. That still makes me feel good, knowing that things like that are still possible or believing in them anyway.

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